RETECO is a modern company bringing together people with experience in the field of widely understood power engineering and technological equipment of facilities. Our core, and at the same time the chief Technical and Commercial Team, has been invariably for several years based on:

Karol Stania - Technical Support Engineer

Marcin Duzdowski - Manager of the Technical and Commercial Team

Mieszko Stubiński - Office Director

Our renewable technology concepts are (highly) appreciated not only by our clients (including 3M Investments, RWJ Development and Slider Technologies) but also by our global partners and technology providers such as Rolls Royce Power Systems, Intilion and Fogo.

Working with our partners, we can professionally and timely develop smart, hybrid systems based on renewable energy sources for the needs of any infrastructure in our country. In our offer you will find a range of customized products based on high-quality branded equipment that will guarantee you a long-lasting and failure-free operation.

We are pleased that our clients keep coming back to us with more projects. Actually, this is the best feedback we can possibly get/receive from them.

Our mission: Connecting the growing energy needs of humanity and the natural environment, which needs clean and more sustainable energy sources.


Our goal is to become a "high-tech" leader in the emerging microgrid market through a holistic approach to energy.

The mission and goal of our company determines our responsible business vision:

  • We aim to build long-term relationships with partners
  • We aim to reduce the operating costs of companies
  • We aim to protect the environment
  • We aim to train and raise awareness in the field of building clean and reliable MICROGRIDS


Mieszko Stubiński
Member of the Management Board, Reteco Sp. z o.o.