High-efficiency cogeneration

As a supplier of high-efficiency cogeneration systems, we offer a wide range of solutions. Our units can be powered with various types of gaseous fuels, such as natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, propane, butane. Cogeneration is the combined production of two or more types of energy in one technological process, so in our solutions we can produce electricity, heat, cooling, CO2 or technological steam. Due to the lower consumption of primary fuel, the use of cogeneration is economically and environmentally sound compared to the separate generation of different types of energy. One of the underlying advantages of cogeneration is the stable and predictable generation of energy, as well as the possibility of smooth regulation of power adapted to the current needs of the facility.

We offer units based on high- and medium-speed reciprocating engines, as well as gas turbines and ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle). We also offer the installation of auxiliary systems such as gas or biogas conditioning systems (desulfurization, drying, compression), gas paths, heat collection and distribution systems, container buildings, etc.

All of our equipment, can be integrated into the MICROGRIDS (in the hybrid energy system) configured from the equipment we offer, according to individual client needs.

We recommend carrying out an energy and economic analysis and audit, in order to fine-tune the high-efficiency cogeneration and other equipment included in your MICROGRID.