RES optimizations

Savings for you and the environment

Do you want to see if your building can use less energy? Or should it make better use of the energy you produce? The solution for you is an energy audit and, consequently, the performance of optimization. Professionally performed optimization guarantees high savings for you and the environment. We optimize any type of commercial investment. Our qualified team of specialists will carry out activities for you consisting in:

  • performing an audit and technical analysis,
  • proposing a solution,
  • implementation of the solution along with installation and activation of the necessary system components,

Our experience in the field of Microgrids allows us to analyze virtually all technologies available on the market and to refer to virtually all consumer units currently in use by the Investor. We carry out the analysis based on the ANCOMI system, which is the only one proposed on the Polish market to simultaneously analyze hundreds of scenarios using available solutions. Upon analysis and acceptance of the solution, the matter will be handled by our MICOMA system, which smartly manages the production, storage and consumption of electricity and heat. In addition, it cooperates with the grid by analyzing the current price of energy and in a timely manner buys or sells energy giving high economic benefits to the Investor. In summary, we optimize all possible areas of the facility, i.e:

  • energy production from its own electrical and thermal sources,
  • energy use through active management of loads,
  • storage of electric energy,
  • storage of thermal energy,
  • active purchase and sale of energy from the grid based on dynamic tariffs,
  • protection of the internal grid against instabilities and power outages.

Remember that we always look holistically and prospectively. We don't simply analyze in terms of one or two aspects. We take into account all areas and technologies and we make the solution proposal flexible enough to adjust the system in the future depending on the market and political situation. Comprehensiveness, flexibility and no limits - these are the hallmarks of a well-optimized system.


Frequently asked questions/FAQ

What is the facility capacity from which optimization can be performed?

Our offer is aimed at the institutional market. We can help optimize any facility having a connection of at least 20 kW.

What necessary data do I need to prepare to perform optimization?

The data may vary depending on the Investor, but to begin with the most relevant are the following:

1. What are your priorities - economy, safety, environmental protection?
2. What in the above-mentioned priorities is important to you?
3. The exact location of the project.
4. Current tariff, preferably an invoice for electricity and heat (gas, oil, coal, etc.).
5. How much roof and ground space can be allocated for installation of RES?
6. What is the load profile of the facility? Data from a minimum of one week.
7. Does the load profile change depending on the season? If so, in what way?
8. What is the annual energy consumption?
9. Do you have RES or energy storage technologies already installed?
10. Electrical and thermal installation diagrams.

What if I do not have a weekly load profile of my facility?

No worries, our company provides such services. We install our network analyzer for a period of one to two weeks. Once it is removed, the data is read out and processed by our engineering team. You get a ready load profile, which is 100% in line with reality and on the basis of which you can carry out a technical and economic analysis.

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If I complete the profile or audit, can I not perform the further part of the optimization?

Of course, after completing each stage, you can quit and not perform the next ones. However, in practice this has not happened to us yet :).

Do you arrange a notification/approval/permit with the relevant services, authorities, establishments?

Of course, we can handle this. Such a service is a contractual matter between the Investor and us.

Is optimization necessary for me?

If you have or plan to have more than one energy source or several energy-consuming devices, whose switching on can be postponed/delayed, then performing optimization is for you.

What are the benefits of energy optimization?

Today, energy optimization is a must-do business responsibility and an obligation towards the environment, with real benefits for both your business and the environment, community and region. The most important of these are as follows:

  • reduced energy consumption in the enterprise
  • better utilized generation sources
  • better utilized energy-consuming equipment
  • lower emissions of pollutants
  • environmental protection
  • better working conditions
  • increased self-consumption
  • decreased transmission losses