Technical and economic analyses of RES

Technical and economic analyses of RES

Our experience in the field of MICROGRIDS allows us to analyze practically all technologies available on the market and to refer to practically all receivers currently in operation of the Investor. We carry out analyses based on the ANCOMI (ANalysis and COncept of MIcrogrids) system, which is the only one proposed on the Polish market that simultaneously analyzes hundreds of scenarios by cross-checking all available solutions. The system takes into account the Investor's priorities such as economy, energy security or environmental aspects (e.g. reducing specific emissions). Four main areas are analyzed:

  • generation
  • storage
  • consumption
  • purchase - sale of energy to the grid

by selecting appropriate generation sources, technologies and storage capacity, control and scenario for consumers. When simulating our solution, we take into account the dynamic tariff to quickly and efficiently respond to fluctuating energy prices throughout the day by buying or selling energy to the grid.

Never before have we had a clearer and more precise vision of energy in the area of renewable energy sources. This is influenced by factors such as:

  • growing demand for electricity,
  • development of RES technologies including solar, storage, grid control,
  • growing initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • environmental protection,
  • climate change including natural disasters,
  • strategic role of electricity at business and state levels,

According to Precedence Research, the size of the global distributed generation market was estimated at $263.35 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach more than $703 billion by 2030, growing at an annual rate of 11.5% between 2021 and 2030.

The future of renewable energy in the next 30 years is to cover 100% of demand with renewable energy sources. To be sure, each percentage requires ever newer technologies, innovations and skilled personnel. However, regardless of the technology that will use RES, i.e. solar energy, wind, tides, gases, geothermal energy, biomass, it is impossible to rely on only one of them. For a comprehensive, economically and environmentally sound project, a combination of sources, consumer and storage units at the local level is needed. Therefore, we can state with confidence already today that MICROGRID technology is necessary to achieve a safe, economical and clean power supply for single facilities or complexes of facilities. There is no other way to achieve the aforesaid goals than hybrid solutions in MICROGRIDS.

Remember that we always look holistically and prospectively. We do not analyze only from one or two aspects. We take into account all areas and technologies and we make the solution proposal flexible enough to adjust the system in the future depending on the market and political situation. Comprehensiveness, flexibility and lack of boundaries - these are the hallmarks of a finely selected energy system.


Frequently asked questions/FAQ

What is the waiting time for the analysis?

Once we receive a set of technical data from the Investor and upon completion of the audit or site visit, we usually wait about 4 weeks for the analysis. This length of time is due to the very complex and multi-variant analysis of all applicable sources, storage units and load controls.

What necessary data do I need to prepare for the analysis?

The data may vary depending on the Investor, but to begin with the most relevant are the following:

1. What are your priorities - economy, safety, environmental protection?
2. What in the above-mentioned priorities is important to you?
3. The exact location of the project.
4. Current tariff, preferably an invoice for electricity and heat (gas, oil, coal, etc.).
5. How much roof and ground space can be allocated for installation of RES?
6. What is the load profile of the facility? Data from a minimum of one week.
7. Does the load profile change depending on the season? If so, in what way?
8. What is the annual energy consumption?
9. Do you have RES or energy storage technologies already installed?
10. Electrical and thermal installation diagrams.

What if I do not have a weekly load profile of my facility?

No worries, our company performs such services. We install our network analyzer for a period of one to two weeks. Upon removal, the data is read out and processed by our team of engineers. You get a ready load profile that is 100% in line with reality and on the basis of which you can perform a technical and economic analysis.

Analizator sieci

When should the analysis be performed?

The analysis can be performed at any time. It should be taken into account that if done well, it will provide us with savings in the implementation of the investment and operation of the system. Therefore, it should be conducted earlier than the planned investment activities.