Piller - parameter stabilization/power conditioning of microgrids and cogeneration systems

Piller - parameter stabilization/power conditioning of microgrids and cogeneration systems

Practical aspects of stabilizing the parameters of a MICROGRID.

Instead of buying all their electricity from a power plant, more and more industrial facilities and data centers are considering on-site generation of the required electricity directly. In the event that they want on-site power generation to continue during power failures, it is important to take precautions when disconnecting from the grid and maintain a reliable power supply by stabilizing islanded operation.

Mechanical Energy Storage Systems MESS also have a stabilizing function using robust synchronous generators.

They are specifically designed to operate independently of mains power while ensuring high quality power delivered to consumer units. With integrated energy storage, these systems are able, either independently or interconnected, to ensure the establishment of a high-quality local power grid and supply power to connected loads continuously at a constant voltage and frequency.

Rotary stabilizers equipped with bi-directionally operating energy storage devices are therefore well-suited to supplying and stabilizing power grids fed predominantly from other energy sources.

Their great advantage is the capability to charge and discharge using the power of the entire microgrid and not, as in the case of batteries, only with the current that the batteries can absorb.

The use of stabilizers can eliminate the need to oversize microgrid power generation to ensure stable operating conditions in the event of load or power fluctuations.

A broad description of how to design and implement this type of stabilization can be found in the PILLER document available for download below.