Solar tracker

If you want to increase the efficiency of your photovoltaic arrays, we recommend mounting solar panels on a special mobile structure.

A solar tracker is a maintenance-free system in which mounted PV panels follow the sun automatically. This allows them to produce up to 60% more energy than is the case with solar panels on a stationary structure. In addition, a very important advantage is the even distribution of production throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. By using mobile structures that track the current position of the sun, it is possible to reduce the solar generator by up to twice as much.

The dual-axis tracker allows operation in two planes (horizontal and vertical), a solution that significantly reduces installation space compared to standard, stationary mountings. It is characterized by the highest efficiency and the most stable level of energy production throughout the day.

The single-axis tracker operates in a single plane and follows the sun from east to west. It increases the efficiency of photovoltaic arrays by about 30% and improves the distribution of energy production throughout the day. It is a much cheaper solution compared to the two-axis option.

Undoubtedly, the mobile structure for PV panels equipped with trackers is an innovative solution. We can design and manufacture it specifically for you, taking into account the requirements of your investment. The system is controlled by an astronomical clock, which works with smart sensors and a weather station. Our proposed solution is equipped with a number of safeguards to protect solar panels during severe weather conditions, as well as a system of self-snowing and module cleaning. In addition, a special algorithm selects the tilt angle of the panels in such a way as to prevent their shading.

All of our devices, can be integrated into the MICROGRID (in the hybrid energy system) configured from the devices we offer, according to specific needs of the client.

We recommend conducting an energy and economic analysis and audit, in order to fine-tune the tracker and other devices included in your MICROGRID.