DC / AC Inverter

We offer innovative industrial DC/AC inverters for photovoltaic, wind and energy storage installations. They are indispensable devices for such installations. Their task is to convert the power generated by the devices from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

In our offer you can find modern on-grid and off-grid inverters for commercial applications with capacities up to several MW. These devices are robust, modern and operate fully autonomously, the user only controls the state of the inverter.

We also offer the latest generation of hybrid inverters. This segment includes photovoltaic-battery, photovoltaic-wind and wind-battery options. They can have two DC voltage inputs or one AC voltage input and one DC voltage input, allowing you to connect simultaneously, for example: photovoltaic panels and a wind power plant. Hybrid versions of inverters are available in capacities up to 600 kWe. Selected versions allow the protection of sensitive loads, through a virtually uninterruptible power supply (UPS function).

All of our devices, can be integrated into the MICROGRID (in the hybrid energy system) configured from the devices we offer, according to individual customer needs.

We recommend conducting an energy and economic analysis and audit, in order to fine-tune the inverter and other devices included in your MICROGRID.