Battery energy storage system - BESS

With fossil fuels becoming more expensive all the time and for ecological reasons, opting for renewable energy sources is a necessity today. No less important is also the safe storage of such generated energy. We offer high-end battery-based energy storage systems (BSS) that solve this problem.

Our energy storage units allow you to easily optimize the use of energy produced from the sun or wind, manage the grid more efficiently and increase energy self-sufficiency. This is an excellent solution for both stand-alone off-grid and hybrid installations.

We offer battery energy storage systems that are scalable, so they can be easily customized to meet the investor's individual needs, and allow for quick installation and activation (plug-and-play concept). These are extremely advanced energy storage systems with flexible applications, supported by digital solutions with multi-level safety (advanced operation monitoring system, extremely effective fire and explosion protection systems). On top of that, we provide comprehensive service support.

Our storage systems can be equipped with cells:

  • lithium-ion (Li-Ion), including lithium ferro-phosphate (LFP), lithium-titanium-oxide (LTO)
  • valve regulated lead acid (AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) VRLA)
  • lithium-ion capacitators (LIC), aka supercapacitors or electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC)
  • flow(-through)

Functions that Reteco energy storage facilities can perform include:

  • improvement and stabilization of electric power parameters such as voltage, frequency, reactive power compensation and harmonic distortion
  • increasing self-consumption from renewable energy sources (RES)
  • improvement of diurnal consumption characteristics through peak shaving - giving energy back during high demand and taking it back during low demand or overproduction from RES
  • uninterruptible (backup) power supply, storage can partially replace UPS and power generators
  • island operation if not connected to external power source (off-grid)
  • energy market operation - the possibility of charging in periods of low and discharging in periods of high energy price both to meet own energy needs or to buy and sell energy on the market.
  • reduction of contracted capacity
  • load stabilization of electricity sources in the case of consumers with high current and power surges.

All our devices, can be integrated into the MICROGRIDS (in the hybrid energy system) configured from the devices we offer, in line with the Client's individual needs.

We recommend conducting an energy and economic analysis and audit, in order to fine-tune the energy storage and other devices included in your MICROGRID.