Mechanical energy storage system - MESS

Are you looking for an alternative to conventional batteries and energy storage systems? We offer a reliable, high-end solution that will satisfy even the most demanding investors. This is the kinetic energy storage system of the world leader in this segment - Piller POWERBRIDGE™.

The product we offer is a compact and incredibly efficient mechanical energy storage unit. This unit can supply power in excess of 3 MW with very low losses. The Piller POWERBRIDGE™ can operate individually or work together with other units. It absorbs energy as fast as it gives it away. The design consists of a vertically mounted flywheel and a generator based on state-of-the-art magnetic bearing technology.

We offer the Piller POWERBRIDGE™ energy storage system in a variety of sizes and power ratings.

Piller POWERBRIDGE™ mechanical energy storage means no waste disposal problems (e.g. battery cells), reliability and tremendous performance, and it doesn't occupy much space.

All of our devices, can be integrated into the MICROGRIDS (in the hybrid energy system) configured from the devices we offer, according to the specific needs of the Client.

We recommend conducting an energy and economic analysis and audit, in order to fine-tune the mechanical energy storage and other devices included in your MICROGRID.