Parking shelter - carport

In order to meet architectural expectations and commonly observed space limitations, we have prepared a special offer of such a product as a parking shelter (carport). This is an ideal solution for any modern place. Above all, the main emphasis in our carport is placed on aesthetics, modularity (easy expandability), high durability and high energy efficiency.

Our carport is the perfect solution for city parking lots and yards where companies park their fleet of vehicles. The carports we offer are modern parking shelters that provide cars with protection from the sun and rain, and on top of that ensure access to electricity from solar panels. We approach each project individually and adapt to specific requirements, i.e. spacing and size of parking spaces, height, length, distribution of solar modules or design.

The solar canopies of parking lots proposed by us are highly functional, robust structures for which we give a guarantee of quality. They can be quickly and easily expanded according to parking needs. Our carport can be adapted not only to power electric and hybrid (plug-in) cars, but also other electric vehicles (such as scooters, motor scooters).

All of our equipment, can be integrated into the MICROGRID (hybrid energy system) configured from the equipment we offer, according to particular needs of the client.

We recommend conducting an energy and economic analysis and audit, in order to fine-tune the carport and other devices included in your MICROGRID.