Smart City Elements

Our company also specializes in providing smart and sustainable city solutions. Thanks to us, any city can become smart. We propose elements of smart city infrastructure that not only blend perfectly into the urbanized landscape, but are also technologically advanced and focused on ecology.

We propose Smart City elements that are reliable, flexible and easily adaptable to different urban environments. Our smart public transport shelter, solar-powered lamps and smart benches are modern public facilities that increase the comfort of residents and allow rational energy management.

The solar-powered transit shelter fits perfectly into the idea of Smart City. It uses free solar energy, gives shelter to people waiting for public transport vehicles, and at the same time is a source of timetable information for them.

Solar-powered LED lights are an ideal alternative to traditional city lighting. It reduces the costs associated with the city's electricity consumption, and also makes it possible to illuminate a place where the supply of electricity is troublesome.

On the other hand, smart benches are modern landscaping elements that allow users to charge their mobile devices and use the Internet. They are aesthetically pleasing elements that blend well into a diverse urban space, and use solar modules as an energy source.

All our devices, can be integrated into the MICROGRID (in the hybrid energy system) configured from the devices we offer, according to the individual needs of the Client.

We recommend conducting an energy and economic analysis and audit, in order to fine-tune the smart city elements and other devices included in your MICROGRID.